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This is our chocolate Rabbit, Peter. Approximately 23.8 oz of solid Milk, Dark or White Chocolate.

*Peter is a solid chocolate bunny!

Please read our policies below for answers to any questions you may have!


Peter the Chocolate Rabbit SOLID

  • *Due to the warmer months or if you live in a warm climate all year long (Lucky you!!), we highly recommend that you purchase a cold pack (listed SEPERATE). We offer moisture resistant packs that are good for up to 2 days. We cannot be held responsible for items that melt if cold packs are not purchased. One cold pack is sufficient for a package up to 4 items.  If you chose to not order an ice pack and your order melts, it is not the sellers responsibility to refund or to resend the items due to the amount of work involved with making our products and we cannot be held responsible because you chose not to buy an ice pack.  In the warmer months, we ship Monday through Thursday to help make sure that your chocolate is not sitting at a USPS warehouse for an extra day. 

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