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Alderman's of Vermont Chocolate

Chocolate Paradise

Alderman’s – Home of Vermont’s
Favorite Chocolate Truffles & Candy Confection Treats

From North Ferrisburgh, Alderman’s of Vermont offers a variety of high-quality, artisan-style chocolate treats. Alderman’s chocolate is made the old-fashioned way, by hand.

Our chocolate candy confections are available for purchase in a variety of retail locations, and online, directly from Alderman’s of Vermont.

Alderman’s of Vermont’s humble beginnings began when Darcee and Sam Alderman chose to offer chocolate candy confection and other treats in their Vermont Country Store. From seasonal offerings to boxed sets, Alderman’s offers delectable chocolate treats in these varieties –


  • Chocolate Truffles – These extraordinary chocolate candy confections are available in nine varieties –     

    • Valentine Day Heart         

      • 18 Piece Heart Box

      • 38 Piece Heart Box


  • Assorted Truffles – available in a box with 8, 12, 15, or 24 assorted truffles.

  • Dark or Milk Caramel Bombs


  • Chocolate Bars – many chocolate bars are available in multiple sizes -     

    • White Chocolate – Small & Large         

      • w/Coconut Lime

    • Milk or Dark Chocolate - Small         

      • w/Sea Salt – Small & Large

      • w/Crispy Rice – Small & Large

      • w/Cookie Topping

    • White Chocolate Almond Bar – Small & Large

    • Classic Dark Chocolate         

      • w/Peanuts

    • Classic Milk Chocolate         

      • w/Peanuts      

    • Vegan Chocolate Bar –         

      • w/Sea Salt

      • W/Almond

      • Mild, Dark, or White Chocolate Chunks


  • Alderman’s of Vermont also offers these delicious chocolate confections -

  • Novelty Treats

  • Animals

  • All Things Chocolate     

    • Clusters

    • Gummies

  • Best Selling Treats

At Alderman’s, we welcome your inquiries, so please reach out to us online, by email, or at 802-453-2385. We also offer wholesale opportunities. For updates and a first look at our specials and seasonal offerings, follow us on Facebook.

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