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12 Mermaid Lollipops.   Available in Milk, Dark or White Chocolate. Just like all our other molded gems and candy bars, this lollipop is hand tempered (not machine made) and individually wrapped with care by hand.  The standard colors are pictured in the first image. We can change the color of the Mermaid tails if wanted.  All our foil colors are pictured.  Leave a note with your order as to what colors you want.  


If your weather is above 70 degrees, please consider purchasing an ice pack.  We cannot be held responsible for chocolate melting during shipment during the warmer months, so please protect your chocolate!  The price of the ice pack includes any increase in weight the ice pack will add to the shipment. 

12 Milk, Dark or White Mermaid Lollipops

  • *Please be advised that our products are made in a facility where Milk, Dairy, Soy, Wheat, Eggs, Peanuts and Tree Nuts are used. We take every precaution to eliminate any contamination for those who have allergies but we cannot guarantee this 100%. If you have an allergy, please indulge with caution. Enjoy!!

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