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Hot Cocoa Bombs are all the rage!  These are Hot Cocoa Bomb Sticks!  Our Chocolate Bombs are not like the others.  You will get 4 sticks in each order.  Wrapped individually so you can break up the set and give them as gifts, or keep them all and enjoy them on a cold winter day! We use our delicious Courveture chocolate, not the waxy "chocolate" you get at your local craft show.  This batch of bombs are made with Silly Cow Farms Hot Cocoa from Wells River, VT!  Our Hot Cocoa Bombs are also made with Mini Marshmallows so you get more marshmallows in your hot cocoa!  Any questions, please don't be afraid to reach out! We make these in batches so this batch is only milk chocolate. 

Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bomb Sticks

  • *Please be advised that our products are made in a facility where Milk, Dairy, Soy, Wheat, Eggs, Peanuts and Tree Nuts are used. We take every precaution to eliminate any contamination for those who have allergies but we cannot guarantee this 100%. If you have an allergy, please indulge with caution. Enjoy!!


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